Friday, January 20, 2006

Split personality.

If I asked you to take a sec and think of a “table”… what would you think of? Pretty much like everyone else “a table”. If I asked you to think of a “horse”, what would you think of? Regardless of the color we all have a similar image, right?
Now what if asked you to imagine “dreams” or “pain”, what would you think of? What would everybody else think of? It’s hard to think of one thing right?

This was my challenge in this poster. I was asked to think of ”split personality” and to bring this idea on paper.

Explanation of the poster:

- The first thing that grabs your attention in this poster is the clown. Usually clowns should be smiling all the times but as soon as we see that this clown is sad, we directly get the impression of something wrong. The clown is not acting the way he should.
- The face is split in half, giving a hint for split personality.
- When someone has split personality, he no longer has control of his body. His brain takes full control of the body. So the person becomes just like a machine. To hint on that, I used a washing machine located next to the brain and the brain taking over the heart.
- The handwritings and the computer writings also emphasize the previous idea.
- The whole poster has a collage mood to represent the reason of the split personality and basically it’s the problems stuffed on top of each other.
- I created this poster using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.


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